At QAI we believe that developing tomorrow’s leaders & cultivating a breadth of learning are important components of higher education. The institutions need to adjust academic programs to meet the current and future needs of today’s learners. QAI has helped many education institutes like IIFT, Symbiosis, IMI, IILM, Fudan University, IIT, IIM and more to fulfill these gaps by offering focused trainings in the field of Software Process & Quality Management, CMMI®, People Management aspects using PCMM, IT Service Management, Quantitative Process Management using techniques like Six Sigma and other Soft skills.

在 QAI,我们相信培养未来的领导者和培养广泛的学习能力是高等教育的重要组成部分。这些机构需要调整课程以满足当今学习者当前和未来的需求。 QAI 通过在软件过程和质量管理、CMMI®、使用 PCMM 的人员管理、IT服务管理、使用六西格玛及其他技术的量化流程管理方面提供重点培训,帮助许多教育机构,如 IIFT、Symbiosis、IMI、IILM、复旦大学、IIT、IIM 等,填补了这些空白。

QAI has experience of more than a decade and a half in training. QAI has trained over 70,000 working professionals across 15 countries in the areas of Software Quality Management, Software Project Management, Software Testing, Software Estimations, Software Inspections, Walkthroughs and Reviews, ISO 9000, CMM®, CMMI®, Six Sigma and Soft Skills.

QAI 拥有超过十年半的培训经验。 QAI 在软件质量管理、软件项目管理、软件测试、软件估算、软件检查、走查和评审、ISO 9000、CMM®、CMMI®、6 Sigma 和其他软技能等领域培训了 15 个国家的 共计70,000 余名专业人员。

All the training programs offered by QAI provide practical ready-to-use inputs and are aided by QAI’s access to the state-of-the-art and state-of-practice research papers, enablers, tools, guides, manuals, videos, data, benchmarks, games, case studies and exercises.

QAI 的所有培训都提供实用的即用型输入,并借助了最先进的研究论文、催化剂、工具、指南、手册、视频、数据、基准、比赛、案例研究和练习。

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