QAI provides a complete package of IT services which addresses the requirements of both business and technologies, to enable companies to leverage cutting-edge technologies for business enhancement.

QAI 提供完整的 IT 服务业务,可满足业务和技术的需求,使公司能够利用尖端技术来增强业务。

As the leaders in IT Consulting / Delivery model, we provide a customer-suited model based on a simple idea, ‘an assimilation of implementing technology from offsite to high quality consulting onsite. Our approach to IT is business oriented and practical. Our rich experience stems from industries we have served for, including BPO, Banking, Finance and Insurance sector, Education, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals and Government Experience among others.

作为 IT 咨询/交付模型的领军企业,我们基于一个简单的理念提供适合客户的模型,即“从异地实施技术到现场高质量咨询的同化”。 我们的 IT 方法是面向业务且实用的。 我们丰富的经验源于我们服务过的行业,包括业务流程外包(BPO)、银行、金融和保险业、教育、电信、医药和政府等。

To conclude, we would like to emphasize that QAI is among the most experienced and competent organizations in the world in the area of Operational Excellence. We have the right experience, expertise and bandwidth to work with any client on its Process Improvement journey.

最后,我们要强调的是,QAI 是世界上在卓越运营领域最有经验和最有能力的企业之一。 我们拥有合适的经验、专业知识和兼容性,可以与任何客户一起进行过程改进之旅。

Some of our Clients我们的部分客户

A partial listing of QAI clients in this sector and a brief description of services provided is mentioned below:

该领域 QAI 客户的部分列表和所提供服务的简要说明如下:

Motorola Chicago, Beijing and London

摩托罗拉 芝加哥、北京&伦敦

Motorola is a global leader in providing integrated communications solutions and embedded electronic solutions. Spread over 3 geographical regions Motorola has chosen QAI as its partner for CMMI® implementation and appraisal services.

摩托罗拉是提供集成通信解决方案和嵌入式电子解决方案的全球领军企业。摩托罗拉在三个地区均选择 QAI 作为其 CMMI® 实施和评估服务的合作伙伴。

Azeus科技 香港

AZEUS is an Information Technology (IT) company that believes in harnessing and developing Asian IT expertise. The company offers innovative world-class software development and provide sound technical consultancy and implementation on complex computer projects. QAI India has conducted CMM® based Assessment for Internal Process Improvement (CBA-IPI), assessing Azeus at CMM® Level 5. Azeus is now on a journey to CMMI® implementation with QAI India.

AZEUS 是一家信息技术 (IT) 公司,致力于利用和发展亚洲 IT 专业知识。 该公司提供创新的世界级软件开发,并为复杂的计算机项目提供完善的技术咨询和实施服务。 QAI India 进行了基于 CMM® 的内部流程改进评估 (CBA-IPI),对 Azeus 进行了 CMM®  5 级评估。Azeus 现在正在与 QAI India 一起实施 CMMI®。

NCS 新加坡

National Computer Systems Pte. Ltd. (NCS) is the IT arm of the Infocommunications Development Authority of Singapore (iDA), formerly National Computer Board (NCB). Its staff strength of over 2,000 is among the largest teams of IT expertise in the region. QAI India is providing complete CMMI® services including CBAA, periodic in-house trainings for National Computer Systems Pte. Ltd.

NCS 是新加坡信息通信发展局 (iDA) 的 IT 部门,前身为国家计算机委员会 (NCB)。 其员工人数超过 2,000 人,是该地区最大的 IT 专业团队之一。 QAI 为其提供全套的 CMMI® 服务,包括 CBAA、定期内部培训等。